As the saying goes, "Three hundred and sixty rows, rows make the champion."。Do the service industry is helpless pain, do the catering waiter more helpless pain。Ordering is slow, being scolded, serving food is slow, and even the taste is not good。So many people complain that the job of waiter is not human。Food service is a difficult job, and that's understandable, but the relationship between waiters and customers is not irreconcilably hostile。As long as the details are done, then you will find that it is not so difficult to do a good job of catering。In reality, all walks of life, in fact, there is no distinction between noble and humble, if there is, it depends on our mentality, thought and behavior is noble, or humble, and has nothing to do with occupation;At the same time, there is no difference between ordinary and extraordinary, the so-called ordinary and extraordinary depends on how we do?With or without intention?It's not that there are ordinary and extraordinary jobs and careers in the world as we think of them。So what does it take to be a good restaurant waiter?I believe that through the following nine points, will be able to help you!

1.Smile - Know how to smile, smile well

Product is smiling service

In today's society, smile has become a necessary professional quality in all walks of life。Especially in business。There is a saying, "No smile, no business."。Smile, even if you were crying a second ago, the guest came to face with a smile, this is professional quality, to know that the guest is to eat, can not affect the mood of the customer because of their own mood。

2.Hospitality - The most warm food for guests

One can be passionless, but one must be passionate。Because enthusiasm is contagious。Like the sun's light and heat, and full of vitality。It is a mental outlook and state that reflects the heart。If the guests take children to dinner, remember to remind the food hot, do not let the children touch, although it is a simple reminder, but the guests will warm the heart。

3.Attentive - The best form of hospitality

Hospitality, thoughtfulness is the foundation, but also the most important。Since it is thoughtful, it is necessary to take the initiative to do a good job, take the initiative to provide services, and be good at observation, but also know how to think in the other place, so that guests can not expect, to provide advanced service。Who can make the guests feel like home, then he is really "thoughtful"。Think what the guest wants and worry about what the guest needs。When ordering, we must pay attention to remember the special requirements of the guests, such as diet, etc., so as not to return or change the dishes after serving, which will not only make the restaurant or themselves suffer losses, but also make the guests uncomfortable。

4.Diligent - Effort + efficiency

Diligent, is hard, is hard, pay more than others。Speed is efficiency。

5.Strain capacity

Be familiar with the food of your restaurant, understand the general approach, so as not to answer when the guest asks, if it is not clear, apologize first and then answer。In the restaurant, we come into contact with people from all levels of society every day, from the top officials to the common people;No matter the three religions or the nine religions。Therefore, it is necessary to require service personnel to have good strain ability。Some people say, "The restaurant is the cradle of training diplomats.。"Is very reasonable。

6.Sense of ownership

Work, in fact, is another form of learning。When we understand and can stand in the master's point of view and position to work, itself is a kind of self-improvement and progress。Can stand taller, see farther, do better。After the dishes are served, you should inform the guests: Hello, your dishes have been served, if you need to call me again。It is not only to remind the guests, but also to make the guests feel comfortable。

7.Strong psychological quality

Be able to maintain good mental and spiritual condition。Do not be spoiled, insulted not humble, easy to deal with。The customer is God, if some of the guests are not satisfied, to apologize first, and then explain, even if it is not their own fault, do not choke directly back, sometimes small grievances to endure, and then gas also want to calmly explain。

8.The ability to express language

The same sentence, if modified, change the way, often have four or two pull out the effect。Language is an art, and speaking is a necessary ability。Whatever you do。

9.Have a sense of role

To understand your role in the work, know what you do?How to do?In what shape? Wanting to be a waiter is actually very easy and very simple。In every bustling city, in the catering industry, the role of waiters is too much, however, really can understand the meaning of "service", and can practice to do it, to do a good job of people are rare。Why is that??The reasons are simple but complex。It can be said that almost all people, when engaged in waiters, have a coping mentality, rather than taking the initiative to do it。Always like to be lazy, like to avoid many opportunities to provide services to others。They always think that what they do is wise, think that they are more intelligent than those who only know how to work!However, this kind of practice and behavior is the most stupid。Because they miss so many opportunities to grow。The bottom line is not knowing the true meaning of "bearing weight"。A truly competent waiter is not only to have the knowledge related to work on the surface, but more to strengthen the construction of their hearts and minds, as well as the improvement of their own cultivation。You know, as a restaurant waiter, every day must face many, all kinds of guests, then you must learn, and the learning content is diversified。First, sociology。Is what people often say: astronomical geography, folk customs...。And then there's psychology。Be good at observation, can know people's temperament through personnel, know their preferences, and then vote for their good, and finally achieve a win-win situation。


Service is difficult, customers are difficult, for a reason。Maybe your service wasn't good enough. Maybe you weren't careful enough。As a public place, the restaurant believes that every guest who comes to eat is with a kind of enjoyment or expectation。As long as we can often put ourselves in the consumer's mind, we can optimize many work details。In reality, all walks of life are the stage to show themselves, no matter where they are, regardless of how much income。Work should be enjoyable and exciting。But in practice this is not the case。Many people regard work as a hard labor from which they cannot escape。Why is this?The reason is that there is no wholehearted investment in it, but just wandering outside the door of the industry, can not see the scenery inside, it is impossible to find and feel the fun。