Dining in the canteen, there are many benefits, such as cheap, affordable, convenient, many factories, organs and units have their own canteen。Canteen can be said to be a disguised welfare, a good canteen affect each other's impression of the unit or school。However, whether it is the student canteen, or the unit canteen, the face is a group of customers, generally takenCanteen contractingHowever, there are many problems in canteen management at present, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

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First, food hygiene and safety management。Once the food hygiene and safety problems occur in the canteen, especially the problem of food poisoning, it will cause serious losses to the unit or school, and even involve legal problems。Therefore, the relevant qualifications of canteen operators must be strictly reviewed。
After the canteen contract, the management side must send canteen supervisors to supervise the situation of the canteen, and any place that is not satisfied or can not meet the health requirements can ask the canteen contractor to rectify the situation within a limited time, so that the canteen management can be in place in one step。 Make a daily record of each type of food sample to ensure the food safety of employees。With many years of canteen catering experience and excellent management team, we can control the hazard from the source of food procurement to the entire link of food to the table, minimize the hazard factors of safety liability accidents, so as to ensure food safety and hygiene。
Second, canteen contractors and staff quality issues。Most canteen operators do not pay attention to their own quality and the improvement of the quality of staff, many canteen staff almost no formal training, staff turnover rate is very large, resulting in low quality of service, consumer satisfaction is very low, further affecting the image of the school or unit。
Third, the incentive mechanism of the canteen contractor。Canteen operators often lack sufficient motivation for improvement and innovation, adhere to stereotypes, do not think about progress, whether it is the type of dishes, taste, quality or service attitude, are in a low-level cycle, difficult to obtain consumer recognition, to the unit or school has a bad impact。 Distribute the canteen satisfaction questionnaire survey, pay attention to the staff in the food variety, hygiene, taste and other deficiencies, and further do a good job in the canteen food work。There is a suggestion box in the canteen to understand the dissatisfaction of employees with the canteen, and put the suggestions and opinions of employees into practical work as soon as possible to meet the needs of employees in an all-round way。

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The canteen involves a large number of consumers and employees, which reflects the owner's attention to the welfare of employees or students。Therefore, the canteen contract is not a casual thing, the choice of a reliable canteen contractor is related to the reputation of the unit or school。In the past 15 years, Pinzheng Catering (chain) organization has taken professional canteen contracting as the core of group meal management, and has covered farm planting, canteen contracting, food distribution, healthy catering, catering personnel training, food safety testing, food science and technology research and development of comprehensive enterprises。The operation and development model of "green food base +4D management kitchen + innovative catering service" is adopted to ensure the health and safety of customers' meals, lead the logistics industrial revolution with innovative management, and strive to create a green channel from field to table。The service area takes Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai as the core radiating South China, facing the whole country, and provides services for more than 200 customers in nearly 20 cities in China。Including China Railway, SBS Group, Schneider and many other famous enterprises;Also includes public institutions, education system clients。

Along the way, accompanied by glory, Pinzheng catering service has always been guided by innovative management, taking public health and food safety as its own responsibility, and serving customers with better quality, and striving to build a better brand in China's group meal business!