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Base composition model reference

You provide: existing premises (including operating rooms, warehouses, etc.), accommodation, kitchen equipment, facilities, tableware, kitchenware, water and electricity, fuel;Or according to the actual situation of Party A。

We are responsible for providing labor, cleaning costs, wear and tear, maintenance, work-related injury insurance, benefits, labor protection supplies, etc。If the newly opened canteen can also be responsible for investment equipment by our company。

We are responsible for purchasing, cooking and management, and have chefs according to your company's taste requirements to provide quality food services on time。

Settlement method: Food can be paid in advance, diners with meal cards or meal vouchers to eat, the implementation of consumption first, pay later flexible way。

Dining standard: According to your needs, our company will provide the relevant menu for selection, after confirming the relevant menu production every week in advance。


Pinzheng catering canteen contract management characteristics

As the social division of labor becomes more and more clear, the subdivision of the catering industry is also more clear, and the modern canteen is no longer the extensive operation based on food and clothing。The essence of providing diversified services is to put people first, do a good job at the same time, and constantly meet the various needs of diners, in order to achieve more convenient and comfortable dining


Eight contracting modes of canteen contracting

For an enterprise, it is necessary to make choices according to its own situation, such as corporate culture, enterprise scale, dining budget, kitchen situation, etc., and then choose the most suitable model in order to better play the management efficiency of the canteen contractor。

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Dining pattern in canteen

Provide professional and reliable canteen contract management services

Reference of three dining modes

Fixed dining patterns,Semi-fixed dining mode,Free dining mode

Canteen care

Professional team to help you take care of canteen management

Host your staff canteen

Carefully arrange the group dining team to take care of the canteen, so that you can concentrate on your main business

Restaurant management

Make your restaurant perfect

Restaurant planning renovation

Beautifying the canteen makes the staff feel at home

Kitchen planning

Professional planning is more reasonable and humanized

Create a more rational kitchen

Pre-design, kitchenware equipment, procurement assistance